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Human Reasons Pollença

Human Reasons Pollença

“Human Reasons” addresses the essentially fragile nature of the future, highlighting the ties that bind humans. It is a synthesis between two spaces, the Calvary and the Convent church: one raises us to the heights inhabited by the tribulations and triumphs of the heart, whilst the other takes us into the labyrinth of public affairs and laws. Yet now more than ever, both reflect the quest to answer the principal questions that surround the human being. 

Joan Bennàssar was born in Pollença in 1950. From an early age, he showed a particular talent and vocation for drawing. In 1969, he began to study Fine Arts in Barcelona and his works were exhibited for the first time ever that same year. In the 1970s, he won a number of competitions, including the Pollença Biennial. The 1980s were marked by his collaboration with the Maegth gallery, and he featured in numerous exhibitions held around the world. After living in Barcelona, London, Paris and Mexico, in the 1990s he moved back to his native Pollença and was named a member of the San Sebastián Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

The early years of the 21st century were characterised by a powerful desire to delve deep into his Mediterranean roots, addressing aspects such as society, sex and the culture of the Balearic Islands as the central axis of the Mediterranean. 

Human Reasons Pollença





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