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To fable is to invent wonderful things - 1
To fable is to invent wonderful things - 2
To fable is to invent wonderful things - 3
To fable is to invent wonderful things - 4
To fable is to invent wonderful things - 5
To fable is to invent wonderful things - 6

To fable is to invent wonderful things

2022 - The new Ithaca of the Mediterranean

«The strength of common sense, thought, beauty, balance and harmony is why I feel part of and share the same humanity with the past. I have not finished the journey and there is still a long way to go for humans to create stable bonds between us and with nature»

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Refugios de amor y ofrecimiento - 1
Refugios de amor y ofrecimiento - 2
Refugios de amor y ofrecimiento - 3
Refugios de amor y ofrecimiento - 4
Refugios de amor y ofrecimiento - 5
Refugios de amor y ofrecimiento - 6

Refugios de amor y ofrecimiento

2021 – Human Reasons

«I am a transmitter of moral criteria and I seek in each new image to expand my limits and show myself as I am knowing that I can be different tomorrow if my learning changes me or I lose my dream. The works are enlarged by the amount of love and past that you can intuit in them. I don't know if my works are an answer to the question, but I know that they are the result of this feeling»

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Ash and coal portrait - 1
Ash and coal portrait - 2
Ash and coal portrait - 3
Ash and coal portrait - 4
Ash and coal portrait - 5
Ash and coal portrait - 6

Ash and coal portrait

2018 - The Rhythm of Oars Breaking into the Sea

I am part of a people that lives under the sun by the sea, surrounded by love, family and friends, which is my repose and refuge. I am aware about how marvellous is the human mixture, and it is beautiful because human egos, unable to envision new horizons, make us much smaller, because character is built without fear of the unknown, of who one may be. Because principles must be kept for what is worthwhile.

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There is no beauty without chance - 1
There is no beauty without chance - 2
There is no beauty without chance - 3
There is no beauty without chance - 4
There is no beauty without chance - 5
There is no beauty without chance - 6

There is no beauty without chance

2015 – Truth is simple

«Things usually find their place in time. That's why entering the studio is like lighting a candle on the path of humankind's evolution. The whys and wherefores are the breath that makes the creation of art meaningful, and the fact is that I want it to be a gaze in which it is possible to glimpse hope. Even so, what I want is to show myself as I am, and what I wish for is to capture a small part of the totality of what the adventure of living signifies»

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In the cool shade of the vine - 1
In the cool shade of the vine - 2
In the cool shade of the vine - 3
In the cool shade of the vine - 4
In the cool shade of the vine - 5
In the cool shade of the vine - 6

In the cool shade of the vine

2012 - The wine I drink tastes of the sea

«The wine I drink tastes of the sea is madness and alchemy mixed with a few drops of wine and the conviction that art, poetry and culture are fighting a battle that mankind cannot allow itself to lose. It is a book born out of mutual dependence: art is the origin of knowledge; wine is the stimulus and source of inspiration»

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Back to always - 1
Back to always - 2
Back to always - 3
Back to always - 4
Back to always - 5
Back to always - 6

Back to always

2011-2018 - Life in palms

«My intention as a painter is to be an intermediary between desire and reality» «I have done that what I felt» «I am younger now than when I was 22 years old, also freer» «I have found my freedom from study, work and knowledge

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Exactitude is never true - 1
Exactitude is never true - 2
Exactitude is never true - 3
Exactitude is never true - 4
Exactitude is never true - 5
Exactitude is never true - 6

Exactitude is never true

2008 - Erotic Majorca

«A slow and balanced look is needed, one that is close to feelings. And this is the look that I propose to you. I have wanted nothing more than to turn the human body into a reference of creativity and knowledge. And to show sex free of sick thoughts, shame and other taboos»

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The infinite body - 1
The infinite body - 2
The infinite body - 3
The infinite body - 4
The infinite body - 5
The infinite body - 6

The infinite body

2004-2010 - Raining at sea

«I haven't wanted anything else than to convert the human body in a reference of creativity and knowledge» «Through a body I narrate those stories that I need to tell»

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The splendour of desire - 1
The splendour of desire - 2
The splendour of desire - 3
The splendour of desire - 4
The splendour of desire - 5
The splendour of desire - 6

The splendour of desire

1996-2008 - With the seed in the fist

«With my paintings I have wanted to show sex free from bad thoughts, shame and other taboos» «Sex is the most human drug that exists» «I am painting what I desire, and in this game I want to posses and be possessed»

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Inflection point - 1
Inflection point - 2
Inflection point - 3
Inflection point - 4
Inflection point - 5
Inflection point - 6

Inflection point

1993-2005 - Walkers between blue and pink

«The avant-garde has already lost even the subversive value against everything what is established» «The most characteristic of actual art is that it has a more personal component as time passes»

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Enlivening materials - 1
Enlivening materials - 2
Enlivening materials - 3
Enlivening materials - 4
Enlivening materials - 5
Enlivening materials - 6

Enlivening materials

1992 - Sculptures: Seated figure

«I have always considered more beautiful that which I am thinking while I am painting than what I really paint» «In contrast to painting, in sculpture there is nothing fictitious, everything is quite real. Sculpture has some tactile components that bring me superior aspects from reality than the canvas ones» «Nowadays aesthetic values are excessively confused with the market ones»

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Memories from the past - 1
Memories from the past - 2
Memories from the past - 3
Memories from the past - 4
Memories from the past - 5
Memories from the past - 6

Memories from the past

1990-1992 - Flautist in the larder

«The XXth century has freed painting from the dictatorship of the form and has opened up a huge field where everything is possible and everything depends of the moment» «It is necessary to recover the art that tells us about the mysteries of tomorrow, made from work, sacrifice and love»

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Water, source of life - 1
Water, source of life - 2
Water, source of life - 3
Water, source of life - 4
Water, source of life - 5
Water, source of life - 6

Water, source of life

1988-1990 - Water, air, fire

«The artist's function is to create magic moments» «All what has been assembled around art is eating the artistic fact. And I am fighting against it»

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Between rocks and waves - 1
Between rocks and waves - 2
Between rocks and waves - 3
Between rocks and waves - 4
Between rocks and waves - 5
Between rocks and waves - 6

Between rocks and waves

1987-2010 - Pablo’s friends

«My painting is getting more classical and this is my way of being avant-gardist» «My contribution is not in describing what happens outside, but what we are, and I am Mediterranean»

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Portrait of maturity - 1
Portrait of maturity - 2
Portrait of maturity - 3
Portrait of maturity - 4
Portrait of maturity - 5
Portrait of maturity - 6

Portrait of maturity

1987-1989 - Backlighting

«As time goes by I have a higher necessity to build, to look for convictions in painting» «I am a Mediterranean painter, not very rational, and I experiment with my own feelings» «If I am wrong I rectify»

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The studio, the protagonist - 1
The studio, the protagonist - 2
The studio, the protagonist - 3
The studio, the protagonist - 4
The studio, the protagonist - 5
The studio, the protagonist - 6

The studio, the protagonist

1986-1991 - Through study

«What maintains my balance is getting back to work every morning» «I find stability inside my studio» «To paint is a way of facing the superficiality we are living nowadays»

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Constant experimentation - 1
Constant experimentation - 2
Constant experimentation - 3
Constant experimentation - 4
Constant experimentation - 5
Constant experimentation - 6

Constant experimentation

1984-2005 - Still life with bottles

«My paintings are a kind of diary, not as much of life experiences as of wishes» « My mission as an artist is not to create new images, but to rediscover feelings, and find ways and forms that express the interests I have as a man»

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The end of a stage - 1
The end of a stage - 2
The end of a stage - 3
The end of a stage - 4
The end of a stage - 5
The end of a stage - 6

The end of a stage

1984-1986 - On the road

«The painter is made from paint, but fundamentally from what he is as a person» «I live in a world in which I am in debt and where others owe me. And I pay off that commitment with the weapon I know, and in the space where I develop, better»

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Drops of paint - 1
Drops of paint - 2
Drops of paint - 3
Drops of paint - 4
Drops of paint - 5
Drops of paint - 6

Drops of paint

1983-1985 - The fascination of fire

«Painting is a very human and direct way of talking about one's self» «I still believe in the artist as a mediator. Art is a mirror in which you are reflected and where you can recognize yourself»

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To doubt is necessary - 1
To doubt is necessary - 2
To doubt is necessary - 3
To doubt is necessary - 4
To doubt is necessary - 5
To doubt is necessary - 6

To doubt is necessary

1982-2012 - Fishermen

«It is hard for me to stay in one place, because thereby you find some truths, but you forget lots of others» «To doubt belongs to the artist» «In front of doubt the answer is to work»

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Work and more work - 1
Work and more work - 2
Work and more work - 3
Work and more work - 4
Work and more work - 5
Work and more work - 6

Work and more work

1982-2011 - Musicians with a harlequin shirt

«Risk is inherent to the artist's condition. An artist without risk is a lesser artist» «My big enemy is what I sometimes lack, inertia. To doubt is necessary»

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Inner exile - 1
Inner exile - 2
Inner exile - 3
Inner exile - 4
Inner exile - 5
Inner exile - 6

Inner exile

1977-1980 - The sixth finger

«A canvas is a magical object that creates diverse emotions and feelings» «Not to surrender, that's my fight» «I need to know what I feel, understand»

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Time for decisions - 1
Time for decisions - 2
Time for decisions - 3
Time for decisions - 4
Time for decisions - 5
Time for decisions - 6

Time for decisions

1975-1978 - Maternity

«Art is the way to convert in sensitivity all that it is not» «My wish is to seize desire» «To paint is like to make love»

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The world from within - 1
The world from within - 2
The world from within - 3
The world from within - 4
The world from within - 5
The world from within - 6

The world from within

1971-1976 - The skin

«My desire is to put all my feelings into my work, to make them known throughout the world» «My relationship with a canvas is a primitive question» «A painter can't be boring, that is why he has to be changing and experimenting new things constantly»

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To be something else - 1
To be something else - 2
To be something else - 3
To be something else - 4
To be something else - 5
To be something else - 6

To be something else

1965-1970 - The world in red

«Painting and my life have become the same thing» «In painting there are only wisdom and feelings, those are the two factors that differentiate one painter from another» «I need to believe that painting has the power to change things»

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